What we offer?

SCHMIEDEN was licensed from Argentine to bring our customers world-class stainless steel

Our knives are worked with fine materials by skilled craftsmen and comply with national regulations requested for contact with food.

What makes us different?

We can develop a line with the best steel SCHMIEDEN

  • Design Creole
  • Fine materials
  • Craft added value

Why do we do it?

We are passionate about our work, we innovate, design and form new ideas!

We think of knives!

We dream with knives!

That achieves passion in every piece, each work

Why choose us?

Currently we carry our products to the best shopping in Argentina to achieve meet demand nationwide.

We export our products to different countries among which we can name Solingen Germany among our more demanding market.

We can also highlight destinations like Italy, France, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile and others.

We believe in providing solutions to our customers.


How do I know I have a knife Original SCHMIEDEN?

Our products are distributed in official stores. It is possible that out of these businesses are not legitimate products.

  • Each product has an identifying label.

What is the guarantee SCHMIEDEN Knives?

SCHMIEDEN ensures that all stainless steel knives are first class while also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship

Note that damage

– Normal wear

– wrong use

– Abuses in use as knife

They are not covered by this warranty. In order to advance with any questions they may do so via e-mail info@schmiedenknife.com

What “stainless steel” means?

The term or the term “stainless steel” means that the object in question is made of high-alloy steel. Products manufactured using high alloy steel having high corrosion resistance and / or oxidation

The terms “inox”, “stainless”, “steel” is therefore only partially true. If stainless steel products are not cleaned for a long period of time, aggressive substances (fruit acids, salt water, etc.) are able to act on (corrodes) the material.

Where I can buy a knife SCHMIEDEN?

You can purchase SCHMIEDEN knives in the best specialized shops of national & international

Anyway if in your locality can not find the requested product can contact us.

You can carry knives SCHMIEDEN aircraft and / or ships?

According to the baggage regulations, dangerous objects are generally banned in hand luggage.

They can be sent by winery but still be subject to restrictions by measure.

However, these regulations vary by airport, airline and country. Therefore, you should consult the website of the corresponding airport for detailed information on the rules before you start your trip.

Some countries have more stringent regulations on carrying objects that can be used as weapons, both in and out of airports (for example, a knife and / or craft knife to roast “covered”). Please keep this in mind and do the necessary research.

In general, we recommend storing pocket knives in checked baggage per winery.

How do I care for my knife SCHMIEDEN?

Regular cleaning of the blade and not leave it with acid or salt residues are important for your knife SCHMIEDEN work properly.

Note that depending on the handle and the material thereof may vary care for more consultations can contact us by e-mail info@schmiedenknife.com

Can I put a knife in the dishwasher SCHMIEDEN?

The temperature in the dishwasher can reach 55 to 80 degrees centigrade (fahrenheit 130 to 180), depending on the selected cycle. Cleaning salts and strong cleaning products are used during this process.

SCHMIEDEN steel exposure to aggressive environments and at high temperatures for long periods can cause damage. Note that the finishes and materials as leather can not be in contact with water.

Therefore, do not put the SCHMIEDEN knives in the dishwasher!

How I can sharpen my knife SCHMIEDEN?

We recommend that you sharpen your blade using a whetstone SCHMIEDEN at an angle of 15 ° – 20 °.

This will result in a cutting angle 30 ° – 40 °. Always use the SCHMIEDEN stone with plenty of water to avoid excessive temperatures.

You can make me a special knife?

We appreciate your interest in our knives SCHMIEDEN. Our range is very wide and fits most applications.

For technical reasons, we do not offer special productions! If you have any further questions you can contact us

Can I visit the production of knives SCHMIEDEN?

We appreciate your interest, but we do not offer visits to our workshops due to security issues.

However, you can visit our s commercial offices in Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What kind of materials are used in the SCHMIEDEN Knives?

Most nobility in the materials is achieved in our selected raw materials among which we can name Leather, stainless steel, hard, plywood wood, resins, polyester, bronze, synthetic fibers, aluminum, bone, alpaca, silver among the most used.

What measures SCHMIEDEN knives we sell?

Currently we are working with various measures to provide a comprehensive line of steel SCHMIEDEN

Stainless steel 8cm SCHMIEDEN

10cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

12cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

14cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

5 “stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

16cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

18cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

20cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

26cm stainless steel SCHMIEDEN

30 cm stainless SCHMIEDEN

The measures marketed correspond to the length of the blade rather than the total length.

On average one end has a long 8 to 15 cm.

Giving for example a total length in a sheet of 14 cm Total knife 24 cm.